The Sabbat


Dominik Yaroslav [Tzimisce]

The self titled “Baron” of Manchester, Dominik Yaroslav hails from thick eastern European stock. A spiritual leader of the Sabbat he guides them ruthlessly through the modern nights. A veteran of many conflicts he is a cunning leader, and has held on to territory in Manchester despite dwindling Sabbat numbers. He has an extreme hatred for Prince Cato, but also respects him as a capable leader.


Catherine Dubreton [Lasombra]

The whisper in the Archbishops ear, Catherine Dubreton is known for two thing; her cruelty and her appetite. She is said to be merciless to her enemies, eliminating them in cold brutal fashion, to her prey she feeds without care or concern, and on several occasions had nearly broken the Camarilla’s masquerade,  something that both amuses and thrills her.


Miguel Perez [Gangrel Antitribu]

Yaroslav’s right hand and chief errand boy, Perez is something of an abnormality of clan Gangrel. An intellectual and keen observer he is considered a spy by many, using his connections to feed information to his superiors, as well as deliver sensitive information when needed. He has delivered edicts for the Sabbat to Prince Cato on a number of occasions.


“The Judge” [Salubri]

Little is known about the enigmatic figure known only as “The Judge” He serves Yaroslav as a templar, and is brutal in his work. Few have encountered this warrior and lived. He is known for his extreme hatred of Clan Tremere and ruthlessly stalks them through the night.