Getting Started

  1. Register for the game. This will give storytelling staff your basic info that we can contact you with, as well as add you into our database.
  2. Review setting history. This will give you the background for the city of Manchester as viewed through the eyes of Kindred Society.
  3. Read through Quick start Guide. Available through, it is a free document and will give you an overview of the rules as well as aiding in creating characters from clans Ventrue and Brujah. The rule book has full character creation rules, as well as more disciplines and backgrounds.
  4. Create your character. Using the character creation slide show and Rule book (or quick start guide). If you have questions, please contact the storyteller.
  5. Submit character to You should also submit a back story for your character as this is worth an additional 5 xp.
  6. Once your character is approved, you may register for your first event.