Antonius Cato (Ventrue)

Prince of Manchester for the last 75 years, Antonius Cato has been a stable figurehead for the Camarilla. Rumored to have been a Roman Centurion prior to his embrace he has a love of order, and has run the city well, if somewhat rigid. He has maintained order over the Camarilla, and has done his best to keep the Sabbat at bay, everything but throw the city into open warfare. His restraint has brought him into conflict with clan Brujah, who see his cautious approach as a sign of weakness,  one that the Sabbat has been taking full advantage of.


Julien Dufort (Ventrue)

The right hand of Prince Cato, Julien Dufort has been by his side for decades, serving his Price faithfully. While he does hold quite a bit of influence over the city he has proven to be too cowardly to take any direct action, and rarely acts without the Prince’s consent. This serves him well as the Prince has had little to fear from his trusted servant.  


Samuel Hayes



Keeper of Elysium


The Clans


Richard Mencher (Primogen)

An arrogant, and violent creature, Mencher is the epitome of everything clan Brujah stands for. He is strong, aggressive, and generally disliked by many, even those of his own clan. None however can argue that he does not have his clans best interests in mind, as he has served as Primogen for nearly 100 years. he has a particular hatred for Prince Cato, and sees the Seneschal as his spineless lackey.


Eric Graeme (Primogen)

A primogen in the loosest sense of the word, Graeme rarely attends council meetings. When he does it is only when his is at his most lucid, mind somewhat clear of the madness that sickens clan Malkavian. When he is not his mind is ravaged by sickness and is reduced to babbling incoherently. The walls of his haven are said to be covered with his ramblings, writings which contain as many truths as falsehoods. Which is which is indecipherable and even his clan mates can rarely tell the difference.


Jakob Krieger (Primogen)

As elusive as he is difficult to look at, Jakob Krieger always seems to be one step ahead of the rest. Master of a network of spies and informants Krieger collect information, and dolls it out carefully. In this manner he has amassed a great many boons. He is usually the first and last stop for hard to obtain information and this has made he both respected and despised. None despise him more that Malcolm Ash of clan Toreador. Ash sees him as a useful tool, but a tool nonetheless, and he does not like being forced to make deals with one so disgusting in appearance.


Malcolm Ash (Primogen)

As a successful child actor Davian had it all. Fame, money, women, men, all were at his fingertips. This influence carried over after his embrace, and the Toreador primogen wants for little. To members of his clan he is an icon to aspire to, to others he is a spoiled brat, always wanting more than he has earned. He finds the Nosferatu disgusting uncouth creatures, but respects the Ventrue for their ability to grasp at power. He is often seen at Elysium at the Prince’s left hand. Attempting to ride his coattails to power.


Regent Elaine Chase (Primogen)

Powerful and secretive few outside clan Tremere know her true goals. She is as respected and feared within her clan as she is without. Her mastery of blood magic is such that few dare cross her. She has been a staunch supporter of Prince Cato, and has been pushing him to escalate the conflict with the Sabbat. This stems from her desire for control as well as her fear of Clan Salubri, a clan that has taken to hunting members of the Tremere. As nights continue to pass she grows more and more paranoid, and the paranoia makes her more dangerous to the Kindred of Manchester.


Sarah Clarke (Primogen)

Vastly Overshadowed by  Prince Antonius Cato, she nonetheless is one of the most influential Kindred in the city. Whether this power was inherited through her bloodline or is a product of her own ability is uncertain, and many in the city see her as little more than a poseur. Her claim to the council is backed by the Prince, a fact that many of clan Ventrue dislike. Many Ventrue would prefer another sit in the seat of power, but few are willing to share their opinions, not wanting to conflict with the Prince’s decisions.