Special Announcement

The short of this announcement is this. Chapter Three of Manchester by Night is currently postponed until a undetermined date. It WILL still happen. The game is not dead, and I thank all of you for your continued interest in our game.

The reasons for this are more complicated but I will lay out the basics here. It was not an easy decision to make but I think it best to delay the game for the time being.

A few months ago my daughter, Rosalie had her one year check up.At this appointment she was tested for lead. Her results showed that she tested positive at 4.3, which is just below the level of minimal concern of 5.0. We have been advised to find a new place to leave after a couple surface tests showed us that our apartment did indeed have lead paint.

Due to this we have been advised by HCS to find a new place to live. The first step of which was to inform out landlord about the situation and requesting both release from our lease, and the return of our security deposit. Our landlord gave us a letter to sign, agreeing to our terms, but also requiring us to sign an agreement freeing them of any potential liability. This meant that if signed and our daughter should require any future testing or treatment, they could not be held responsible. That was not okay.

This led us to seek an attorney, who is currently in the process of getting us out of out lease and out security deposit back.

Our apartment search has been the driving goal of our daily lives, and the need for a safe and suitable home my top priority. Because of this I have not been able to put any time or energy into the game despite my desire to do so. My family’s stress level has been at an 11 and the whole process has been pushing us to our limits.

To add insult to injury my car has also just failed inspection and requires $1600 worth of repairs. Money I do not have. So now in addition we’re currently without a vehicle, and with a dire need of a new place to live.

Suffice it so say, I have no idea when the game will resume. It will have to be after we have found a place and moved, which will hopefully be sooner than later. It has been a trying time for me and my family, but we will come out stronger in the end.

I will keep you all updated, and thank you for your patience. Manchester by Night will be back.


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