Regarding Absentee Players

As our game continues to grow it is inevitable that we will gain and lose players. Many seem to have decided that Manchester by Night is a good fit for them, but we do not expect this to apply to everyone. It is very likely over the course of this chronicle that players will decide this game is not for them, and that’s okay. We try to run the best game we can but sometimes player expectations simply don’t align with the tone or style of play we are going for.

For the most part this is not an issue, players may come or go as they choose, we simply ask that if you choose not to return you let us know in case we have planned story lines for your characters. Better yet, please give us constructive feedback on what you did not like, and perhaps we can make changes that can improve the overall game for all participants.

The only time that absent players create an issue is when they hold a position in the city or some other role that is important to the story. When this is the case we have decided to institute the following policy regarding absenteeism and court positions.

Players who hold a court position or similar role (Sheriff, Primogen, Harpy, etc.) and miss more than one consecutive game, should be removed by their fellow players from that position. We would expect this to happen in game, and in the context of the story. Leeway should be granted for extenuating circumstances, such as important events (Weddings), illness, and the like. So long as those occurrences do not become habitual. As always the storytellers will abide by any in game decision the players make.

This ruling should not apply to secondary positions such as Whips, Lesser Harpies, and Deputies. Only the primary positions will fall under this ruling.

It is expected that players who realize they cannot fulfill their roles, step down before it becomes an issue. As always communication is key, please talk with us if issues arise, and if reasonable accommodations should be made.

Our goal with this ruling is to avoid the disruption of valuable game time to be constantly reelecting or choosing people to fill formal positions.

If you have any questions about this ruling please let us know. Our doors are always open.


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