Announcements from the Staff

9 Days Left!!

Staff Changes

We’d like to welcome a new Staff member, Ren Connolly. Ren is the head of the UNH Manchester gaming club and an active ARG enthusiast. We look forward to her bringing her puzzle crafting skills to the game.

With that said, We’re sad to announce that Bill Morrison has left staff to become an NPC. He will still be active in game, but the pressures of life have made it hard for him to have time to write plot, and keep up with other staffing needs.

We will also be on the lookout to add a new staff member to replace Bill, but will wait till after September’s game to find a replacement.

Check In Procedures

In order to make check in quick and painless we’re instituting the following changes / clarifications.

  1. Check in will be in the front hall as it was last game.
  2. Players who have both an approved character and have preregistered will be allowed to check in first. If your character has not been approved prior to play we ask that you please move to the back of the line.
  3. Players who have not had their character approved prior to the game will be allowed to play that character on a probationary basis. A copy of the character should be submitted ASAP, so it can be approved before the next session.
  4. Once you have checked in we ask that you leave the main entrance area to avoid congestion and/or confusion.
  5. Once checked in you are free to conduct “soft roleplay” until game on is called. This is a good time to get any brief meetings out of the way before game begins.

New Website URL

New XP Policy

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve updated our XP policy with the players continuing advancement in mind. The new policy is as follows:

  • 3 XP for playing (was 1 XP)
  • 1 XP for prereg
  • 1 XP for PEL
  • 1-5 XP for Awards, Donations, Etc.
  • Max 10 XP per game month.

Staff Inclusion in Private Chats

We think it’s great that players are discussing and roleplaying outside of the forums, using Facebook and other methods. We just ask that with any roleplay discussion that the storyteller be included to sent a copy of what was discussed. It’s very important that we know what you are thinking or what you think you know 🙂


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