Update 8/6/16

Downtimes & Influences

Downtime actions and Influences are now complete, if you haven’t received yours make sure to check your spam filters. If you still haven’t found it let me know and I can send it to you through others means. If you have questions regarding my responses or need clarification feel free to ask, and I will be happy to assist you. any inquiries can be sent to mbnstoryteller@gmail.com.


There were a few concerns about having all of the judges be from a single coterie, and I’ll admit when I asked them to be judges I hadn’t considered that particular issue, so after sending out a general request for Judges I received a number of responses. I have decided to go with four judges for the next game, which will be listed below. If you were previously a judge and are not one any longer do not take it personally, my decision has nothing to to with your performance or any personal feelings regarding you. I am simply trying to get a more diverse group of judges to meet the needs of the players.

The new Judges are as follows:

  • David Buresh
  • Charles Skrobis
  • Daniel MacDonald
  • Miranda Chadbourne

If you are no longer a judge and still have your badge, please return it at check it so that it may be given to one of the new judges. Thank you for your cooperation.

Form Responses

It has been a requested feature since the game first went live that players get receipts of some kind when they submit a form to us, be it a chapter preregistration or a downtime action. After learning more of the features of google docs I have implemented the following additions to nearly all of the forms.

  • Players will receive an email confirmation on all forms.
  • In addition, downtimes, influences and similar forms will receive not only an email confirmation but a copy of your submission. Therefore if your response gets lost or corrupted somehow then you will have a copy to send to us, as well as one to keep for your own records.

Chapter Two Preregistration LIVE!

Preregistration for Chapter Two is now live! Feel free to register for the event at your convenience. A reminder that preregistration is important. It will give us a rough head count of who will be attending, and  you will earn yourself  1 xp. Players who preregister will also have a chance to gain rumors that may lead to plot hooks or provide useful information.

The Link for Preregistration:

Click here to register for Chapter two

New Players Welcome!

A question has been brought to me a couple of times as to whether new players are currently being accepted. As of right now we are indeed allowing new players to join the game. If the numbers swell too large we may impose a limit, as our staff can only handle so much. For now though feel free to invite other to join!


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