Learning Curve & Looking Ahead

So these last couple months have taught me a lot, mostly what not to do. Responding to downtime actions took considerably longer than anticipated and in the future I will be making some improvements to the process as well delegating some of the responsibility so that the it all doesn’t rest on my shoulders. A baby, a full time job, and other responsibilities led to them being done much longer than was fair to you all, and for that I apologize.

With the improvements on my end to DTA will also come with some things you have been asking for since day one, mainly confirmations to registrations and DTA. In the future when you register for a session or submit anything to us you will get an email confirmation, so you can be sure we received your submission.

The rest of the DTA as well as the your influences should be done soon, and you can be on the lookout for the next issue of the Queen City Voice. If you haven’t read them yet please do, there are a number of clues as to what is happening as well as many false leads.We may also release a teaser of some sort, but that’s still a ways off. To stay tuned more information will come as it becomes available.


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