Awards, PELs, and More!

Player Awards

First off I’d like to announce the winners of the Player Awards for our first game.For the most part the votes were pretty spread out with the winner taking the lead by a very small margin. The exception to this was the winner of best costume, who blew away the competition with her amazing getup. So without further adieu. Here are our winners!

Best New Player: Linette Mailhot

Best Player: Ronny Rose

Best Costume: Rhiannon McCullough

PEL Results

We gleaned a lot of information from the results of our first PEL. As this was our first game we were sure to use this as a baseline for the expectations for our players, so that we as a staff can be sure to create a game that matches up to what you want and expect from our game.

Below is a list of things many of you wanted to see more of in future games:

  • Combat
  • Staff interaction on the forums.
  • Judge Diversity
  • Things of a mystical/magical nature.
  • More Side plots
  • Mortals
  • Cowbell
  • More Archon
  • Clan Specific Plotlines
  • Sabbat Scheming
  • Rumors

Things many of you want to see less off:

  • Meetings
  • Meetings
  • Meetings
  • Number of Primogen

Average rating of check in procedures: 4

Average rating of our NPCs: 4

Upcoming Game Dates

I’m sure many of you are chomping at the bit to find out when the next games are scheduled. So here they are, the tentative dates for the fall!

September 17

October 29

Short Fiction Contest!

As a player suggestions on a way to keep busy during the off season we are announcing the first ever Manchester by Night Short Fiction Contest! Submit stories to us and we will post them for all to read and judge, with the top 3 entries receiving an XP award!. Details below!

  • Word Count: Maximum of 5000 words. Stories over this limit will not be accepted.
  • Must be submitted in .doc, .pdf, or similar format. Stories pasted into an email will not be accepted.
  • You may use your character, but please ask permission before using NPCs or other player’s characters.
  • Submission Now until Deadline July 30th.
  • Winners will receive the following:
    • 1st Place: 3 XP
    • 2nd Place 2 XP
    • 3rd Place 1 XP

More to Come

We are continuing to work on resolving DTA and Influences, so please be patient. As we get closer to September we will release teasers for the event. Also be on the look out for the return of the Queen City Voice!


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