PELs, Downtimes, and Influence

The following forms are now available on the website: PELDowntime Actions, and InfluencesBelow are brief description of each.

PEL (Deadline April 23rd)

Please take a moment to give us some feed back of the game. With this we will be able to figure what you enjoyed and what we might need to improve upon. The PEL also includes Award nominations for Best Player, Best New Player, and Best Costume. So please nominate someone who went that extra mile, they’ll gain 1 xp to boot!

Downtime Actions (Deadline April 30th)

You each generally get 3 downtime actions that can be used to find information, feed, build or acquire items, and other activities. See page 307 in the rulebook for more information.Downtime actions should be completed all at once, if any conflicts arrive a storyteller will report it to you.

Influence (Deadline April 30th)

Flex your control over the mortal world with your influence over the elite or underworld.  See page 509 in the rulebook for more information. Influence actions may be done one at a time until the deadline.


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