Our Expectations

Below are some expectations that we, as Storytellers have of our players. We recommend you read them over and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

The Golden Rule: Have Fun

It’s a game, we are all here to have fun. Be mindful that sometimes things that are fun for you may not be fun for everyone else. Try and be considerate of each other, there may be another way to accomplish the same goal, or another person who may enjoy the situation more. Play nice, don’t be a dick.


We have some expectations you will try, we don’t expect you to spend money, but we would like to support the atmosphere of the game’s immersion. Dress as your character would. Some Clans and Merits may have additional requirements so please read the descriptions clearly.

For example: Paths of Enlightenment

From the MET: Vampire Rulebook pg. 305

“Paths are utterly inhuman. Players wishing their
characters to adopt Paths of Enlightenment should
expect extremely demanding roleplaying experiences.
These are alien codes of immortal ethics; it should be
obvious to players, as well as characters, when a vampire
is on a path. Players whose characters are on a path
must wear a sticker to denote this, utilize heavy makeup,
or otherwise be obvious about their character’s state of
existence; others should be able to easily discern this
fact about the character.”

Props and Weapons

Traditionally weapon props are not allowed in Mind’s Eye Theatre we are however allowing them on a trial basis, with the following restrictions.

  • Guns MUST be obviously fake or unrealistic in appearance.
    Orange plastic water pistol isolated on a white background
    Perfect Weapon Prop Example
    • examples: Plastic water guns, unpainted Nerf guns.
  • No painting, or ammunition/darts will be allowed.
  • Other props must be both safe thus not actual weapons.
    • Boffers, Latex weapons, Halloween prop weapons.
  • Staff maintains the right to approve of weapons props on a case by case basis, and reserves the right to revoke this privilege at any time.
  • Despite allowing weapon props, no physical contact is allowed, as per the rules.
    • Exception: Acting out a scene in which all parties have agreed to light physical contact.



Players are allowed on site at 5pm. It is expected that you do your best to arrive on time. If you are running late, it is expected that a storyteller be informed as soon as possible.


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