Item Requests

On starting equipment:
Characters will be allowed to have access to any “mundane” equipment they wish as long as it make sense to your character. (A hacker owning a computer or laptop for example, or a carpenter having basic tools)
Exceptional well crafted or high end items (a really high end or bleeding edge computer for said hacker, or a set of expensive precision tools for the carpenter)) must be requested before play. 
Any weapons or armor must be requested and approved before game begins, including the list of qualities it possesses. You must also state how you are acquiring said weapons and armor. Weapons may be either legally or illegally obtained, but you must state how you gained an illegally acquired item. Special ammunition (dragonsbreath rounds for example) will count as a separate request.
For example if you wish to have a Semiautomatic pistol that is untraceable by the authorities you might state that you have Influence: Underworld (Gun runners) as the source. You could also state you are using your high resources to buy one on the black market.
It will be easier to acquire weapons legally, but they may be traceable by the authorities, and thus run a risk when ever they are used.
I will create a request form, and post it on the Facebook page. If you have any further questions let us know.
The Staff reserves the right to refuse any and all weapons requests, when keeping game balance in mind.

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