Our Expectations Below are some expectations that we, as Storytellers have of our players. We recommend you read them over and if you have any questions feel free to ask. The Golden Rule: Have Fun It’s a game, we are all here to have fun. Be mindful that sometimes things that are fun for you … More Expectations

Item Requests

On starting equipment:   Characters will be allowed to have access to any “mundane” equipment they wish as long as it make sense to your character. (A hacker owning a computer or laptop for example, or a carpenter having basic tools)   Exceptional well crafted or high end items (a really high end or bleeding … More Item Requests

Where is the Larp?

I’ve heard from a few folks that there is still some confusion on where exactly the game is taking place, so I thought I’d clear it up. The game will be held at Southern New Hampshire University in Webster Hall. We will have reserved several rooms in the building, including a large auditorium will will … More Where is the Larp?