Theater-Style Larping

By Adam Hurley Like any roleplaying game you are playing a character, a persona who you think and act as if that person. Ultimately what separates tabletop roleplaying from larping is the act of doing instead of saying “My character crouches behind that tree” you will walk behind the tree and crouch. In boffer larping … More Theater-Style Larping

Contact Information

We’ve decided to break up the clans so that each is run by a specific staff member. Please contact your specific staff member that is overseeing your clan, if you have any questions. For general game questions or rules questions you may still contact the Storyteller. The Beakdown is as Follows: Bill Morrison ( Malkavian Nosferatu … More Contact Information

Updated Deadline

With the game happening sooner than originally planned (now April 9th) I have decided to reevaluate the character submission deadlines. Therefore character sheets will be due by March 11th. You can of course still play if you turn in a character after this date, but it may mean that we will not have time to … More Updated Deadline