State of the Larp Address

I thought I’d take some time to bring you up to speed on everything that is going on behind the scenes at Manchester by Night, as well as to make some important announcements.

Growing Pains

First off I want to thank you all for you excitement and continued interest in the game. As of this post we have 38 members on the Facebook page and a total of 18 registered players.

This steady increase in players is amazing and has exceeded our expectations. Unfortunately this means that MbN is experiencing some growing pains. The spaces we have arranged for cannot accommodate the number of players that are interested in playing. This means that it will be necessary to put a limit on the number of players participating. Therefore in order to assure fairness we will be posting a sign up form on March 30th. There will be 15 slots available and it will be a first come, first serve basis. Any players that register past that limit will be added to a wait list. Should any players drop from the event, players from the wait list will be added to the game.

Help Finding a New Location

We’d love to be able to expand the game and be able to remove any player caps on the game, however to do so will require a larger space. If any of you has or knows of a location you think might be suitable please let us know. We only have a few requirements:

  • Be open to public (meaning if its a school campus that non students be able to participate)
  • Have more than one enclosed area. (Vampires need space for private meetings, away from the prying eyes of mortals.)
  • Be in the Manchester/Nashua area

We will put our feelers out to a couple possibilities, but feel free to contact us at:

Character Submissions

We have received many character concepts and are eagerly awaiting many more. Below is a current breakdown of the clans. you’ll noticed the number of undecided players has continued to decline as players get me their character concepts.

image (3)

We encourage you to get your concepts to us quickly. The sooner we have them the sooner we can start tying your backstories directly into the plot. There will be a soft deadline of March 30th for character concepts. And a hard deadline of April 15th. This is so that we have time to include your character in the story.

There will be many more announcements to come so stay tuned!

-Patrick Harron, Storyteller


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